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Using woocommerce to view orders

  1. Log in to your website and navigate to your dashboard view by pressing the button shown below.

  2. In the dashboard navigate to Orders under Woocomerce on the left hand menu column.

  3. This will then give you a time-ordered view of all the orders from your website.
  4. You can then click into each order to see the full details which will look like the below. Giving you their billing and postage address as well as personal contact details if you need to contact them. It will also display any extra notes from the customer in the top right and lower down the page their full order + selected postage will be detailed.

Using woocommerce to refund an order (Stripe)

  1. Navigate to the order you want to process a refund for (The steps to view an order are shown above)
  2. On this screen under the order summary on the left side will be a refund button. Click it.

  3. This will then open up new fields where you can input the refund amount, and refund reason (the customer will see this on their refund email) Once completed click “Refund via stripe” and the refund will be processed (This can take up to 5 days with stripe)

Using woocommerce to view tour bookings

  1. From your dashboard navigate to “Appointments” in the left menu bar (This will open all appointments)

  2. You will now have a list of all the appointments you have booked.

  3.  You can then click on each booking to see the full details as below

  4. To view a calendar view of all your tour bookings navigate to Calendar under appointments.

  5. This will then display a calendar view of your bookings (the best view is by month, which you can select in the top right)

  6. If you have multiple bookings on the same day you will be able to scroll through to see all the bookings when hovered over that day on the calendar 
  7. You can then click on each booking to see the full details of who is coming. Like the below screen.

Using woocommerce to cancel a tour booking

  1. From your dashboard go to orders and use the search at the top to locate the persons order who would like to cancel.
  2. Then follow through the refund steps as shown above and the tour will automatically be cancelled once you submit the refund.
  3. You can also cancel a tour by pressing edit on ‘more details’ in the calendar view shown below (But this option will not refund them, just cancel to tour and make the places bookable by someone else)

  4. Pressing edit will then display a bigger appointment detail screen like below

  5. You can then use the “Appointment status” drop-down on the Left and select Cancelled

  6. You will then need to press update in the top right corner to save this and cancel the tour places

Using woocommerce to change a tour booking

  1. From your dashboard go to appointments in the left side menu and use the calendar view to locate the persons tour you need to change (Shown in the how to view tour bookings guide”
  2. Click on their booking to display the dialogue window with more details and hit the edit button.

  3. This will then display the full appointment page like below

  4. You can then use the date and time fields over the right-hand side to change their tour booking to a new day or time

  5. You will then need to press update in the top right corner to save this and change the tour.

How to Add a new product

  1. From the dashboard on the top bar hover over +new and then click on product from the drop-down

  2.  Then type in the name of your new product

  3. Then over the right-hand side select the product category

  4. Scroll down and in the same right hand column and press on ‘Set product image’ to choose the main image for your new product.

  5. This will then open a dialogue box for you to upload a new product image or select an image already on the site (for products use an image sized at 800px x 900px) Drop me an email if you need help sizing this. This will look similar to the below screen when you have uploaded your photo.

  6. Then select set product image to save the new product image
  7. Now in the bottom input box (Scroll to the bottom, It’s labelled “Product short description”) in the left column. Now add a sentence or two to introduce the product. This will be the first small description displayed on the product page next to the product image.

  8. Now in the top input box (scroll up), that’s underneath the product name, you can fill in the longer information for the product. Give it the title “More details”

  9. You can set this by typing “More details” on the first line then highlighting the text and choosing “Heading 2” from the dropdown

  10. Then hit return on your keyboard to start a new line and type out a small paragraph of further details about the product
  11. Now you can add the price details by scrolling down to the below section and adding the price in “regular price”

  12. Next click on shipping in the same section and select the correct shipping class (ignore all the other inputs about length etc) from the drop down (Voucher = Free shipping, Bottles = £9.95 cost)

  13. Lastly, click on “Linked Products” and in the upsells box you can search and select up to 4 other products to display at the bottom of the product page to help upsell your other products

  14. Now you can scroll back up to the top and on the top right you will see a button “Preview” Press this to open a preview of the product you’ve built (This will open in a new tab in your browser)

  15. Check through the page and if everything is as you wanted, click back to the tab in your browser you were building the product.
  16. You can then make any changes and hit publish in the top right when you’re happy to put the product live on the site.

How to add tours to a specific day

  1. From the dashboard hover over products and then select “All products”

  2. Select the product “Wine tour & Tasting” this will open up the product editor
  3. Scroll down and select the “Availability” tab in the product data editor as shown below.
  4. This section will look complex as its built up with all the current rules to display your tour dates across the year. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and press “Add Rule”

  5. A new rule will appear at the bottom of the list. Use the first dropdown on the left and select “Recurring time (date range)” as shown below
  6. Now in the two date fields to the left select the date you would like to add the tour to. Click the small icon after “yyyy-mm-dd” to view a calendar and select the day. Make both these date the same so the tour is only added to the 1 day specified. 
  7. Next add the time of the tour in the fields below the dates we filled in above. To add a 11am tour set the times to 11:00 – 12:00. To add a 2pm tour set the times to 14:00 – 15:00.
  8. The next field along will be set to “N/A” This field allows you to override the default 8 places available on tours to a custom number available. Simply leave it as N/A to keep to 8 place or type in a custom number to change the number of available tours on this date.
  9. The next box will say 10 by default. Change this to 1. This is to make sure it overrides any other rules set and the other rules don’t affect the day you’re adding.
  10. Lastly, select “Yes” in the last drop down to say this rule is adding tours on this date not removing them. So your full rule should look like the below:
  11. Now simply scroll to the top and hit update in the top right of the screen to save your changes and make the tour dates live on the site. 

How to edit the content on my website pages

  1. From the dashboard hover over pages then select “All pages”

  2. Then from the list of pages hit the “edit” on the page you’d like to make changes on.

  3. Now you’ve opened the page details press the blue “Edit with Elementor” button

  4. This will open the visual page editor where you can now scroll down and press on any content area of the page to make text changes.
  5. For example, clicking on the text under the homepage title will open a panel on the left where you can change this text. Shown below

  6. This same system can be used to change the content of most elements on the page but just be aware that different sections may show a slightly different form on the left panel but it should be quite logical what edits which bit of content. 
  7. Then just hit the green update button at the bottom of the left editing panel when your done making a change to set it live on the site.
  8. If you ever get stuck doing this please do just email on and I can help make the change for you. And if you’re wanting to change an image I’d recommend you email it over to me so I can make sure it’s sized correctly for where you’d like it putting on the site. 

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